The Flood (ft. Luke Holmes of Ocean Grove)

by Attack At Greenwood

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I’m sick and tired of this old town
I don’t want to leave
But I’m being pushed around
I push myself up against the wall
Screaming aloud/At the no way outs
I promise you I make things change
So we can live happily after once again
I’ll make them stop but you’ll never know
Scream and shout just to show them that we’re not alone

So starting now

I’m making a stand/for every woman and man
To raise their hands/In discontent
Scream it aloud
You cannot stop us
I’m voicing opinions that come from crowds
Thoughts, words and ideas being screamed aloud
A rite of passage/for the masses

You can’t stop it we’ve got nothing left to lose

She’s lined up and down
With bruises and scars
Cast aside all memories
You don’t need to hide

(I feel the pressure clamp my throat)
Make the first move if you’ve got guts
(I can’t stop these thoughts inside my head)
To get to her you’ll have to go through me

Keep on digging six feet down
That’s how far you pushed me
Well/how do you feel now
Nothing should have to end this way
Be ashamed/ you guys are digging your own graves (Darling, raise your head)

So listen up for the cries of the defenceless
You bring us nothing but pain and that disgusts us
You find it funny to laugh at the scars on her wrists
But find the time to cry when her soul turns to mist
I know that I failed after trying so hard
To bring you back to life, to heal those deep cut scars
But after seeing what I've seen I see nothing but wasteland
You created the bomb that killed your own generation

I’m sick and tired of this old town
My friends and family always put me down
So I’ll stand as one, I’ll stand-alone
With a heavy heart filled with sorrow

(Someone save them from the flood
Someone save them from the flood
Someone save them from the flood
Someone save them from the flood)

I walk these streets baring marks of shame
Still waiting for that day that never ever came
God’s a coward, he never helped me
Never saved me, never shone his light on me
But I’m not going to be the one that gives up hope
That puts a gun to their head or forces pills down their throat
You left hope inside of me
Made my darkness brighter, so don’t give up on me


released December 1, 2014
Produced by Attack At Greenwood and Chris Vernon
Recorded and mixed by Chris Vernon at Perception Studios
Additional drum engineering by Dan "The Drum Man" Emond
Mastered by Declan White
Guest vocals by Luke Holmes of Ocean Grove, recorded by Matt Henley



all rights reserved


Attack At Greenwood Melbourne, Australia

Sean Aczél - Lead Vocals
Johnny Alder - Guitars
Mikey Duffield - Vocals/Guitars
Zac Deeker - Bass
Max Reid - Drums

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