Animosity​/​Home Demo

by Attack At Greenwood

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released February 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Attack At Greenwood Melbourne, Australia

Sean Aczél - Lead Vocals
Johnny Alder - Guitars
Mikey Duffield - Vocals/Guitars
Zac Deeker - Bass
Max Reid - Drums

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Track Name: Animosity
You use them for your own benefit
You take but you don't deserve a thing
You are the cause of all your problems
Yet you blame it on everyone else

What if they knew?
What if they saw?
It's not nearly as clear as you thought
They'll never know how you feel on the inside
They'll never see what you do to survive

Black and white
You cause every fight
You play it cool
Just to gain your fuel
One thing's for sure
You want to be pure
You're misguided and misunderstood
You're never coming good

No empathy
No sense of guilt
The epitome of what's
Wrong with the world

Too proud to be wrong
You'll fight to be equal
As long as you don't turn out to be
The one who is evil
When the tables are turned
you don't know how to act
You're more fragile than them
You can't take your mistakes back

You're what's wrong with this world
You'll hurt everyone you ever love
So just call it quits
So we can get the fuck over it

There's no hope for
There's no hope for
There's no hope for you
Track Name: Home
Fire away, I’m waiting for you
I’m not going anywhere fast
I can’t help them but someday
I will find a way
To bring me them back home to you

Tell me what it’s like
To be buried alive
Can’t catch your breath
Death starts to feel so
Real/ so say a prayer for me
Scream for forgiveness
And I’ll let you have your dreams

I’m not the only who’s finding it hard
To try and find our way in the dark
But at least I see the light
In this House of Wolves

Roadside/Fire line
Blinding light
And I can’t seem to find my
Way back home
My way back home to you

Save me/from the damned
They’re dragging me down
There’s no coming back
Please/save my wretched soul
I’ve done nothing wrong
But tell lies to be retold
Burn/ in the pits of hell
I may not be religious
But I may as well
Tell you the truth
They lied for greed
Drowning in money that they’ve taken from the seed

This House of Wolves
Has trapped me dead inside’
There’s nowhere to run
And there’s nowhere to hide
Me down with pride
Skin me alive or kill
Just decide
Burn/This House of Wolves/Down/With/Pride